Accelerating protein structure determination

Bring your cryo-EM data analysis to the next level by using our cryo-EM cloud solution.

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No installation. No queues. Unlock the full potential of cryo-EM.

Cryo-EM has been revolutionizing biology by providing insights into the architecture of proteins at unprecedanted speeds. Better access to cryo-EM infrastructure, faster detectors and improved acquisition schemes have further accelerated data aquisition – but at the same time increased the strain on computational hardware to allow for timely analysis. Queues, insufficient disk space or even downtime due to failing components can be the consequence.

CryoCloud is here to address those issues. By providing cloud resources for your data analysis, queues and downtimes are eliminated. Our data analysis solutions are instantly accessible to everybody, removing initial setup costs and the need for hardware maintenance. Get started with your data analysis right away: we take care of the setup, so you can focus on your research.

Get started right away

CryoCloud aims to simplify all steps from data to structure, and remove all bottlenecks of data analysis by moving it to the cloud. This removes entry barriers for new researchers and faciliates analysis for everybody. No installation or setup is needed. Just create an account and get started on your data analysis - it’s that simple.

CryoCloud in the front

We have designed a completely new UI that guides you through analysis, yet provides all flexibility and helps you to keep the overview of your projects.

Relion in the back... & more to come!

CryoCloud uses Relion, the gold standard for cryoEM analysis, proven and trusted by the community >10 years – one of many packages to come.


No need for your own HPC, maintenance and IT staff - we have you covered. Stay always up to date with the newest hardware, and choose from a range of packages to cover your needs.


Share results with your colleagues and supervisor. Enable automated reports and review 3D densities within the web-browser. Collaborating on a cryoEM project has never been easier.


With the cloud-resources that we provide, queues are the past. CryoCloud provides on-demand access to the fastest hardware.


No more downtime, connection problems or failed drives. And if something goes wrong, we are there to help - always at your service

Easy Archiving

CryoCloud provides cost-efficient and hassle-free options to archive your published or outdated projects – all at a click of a button.


CryoCloud uses AWS S3, an industry standard of reliable and secure data storage. Never lose access to your data ever again!

Proudly open source

CryoCloud is a commercial application and provides instant access to our cloud resources , but we make its code open-source and available under a permissive license. We believe that open-source fuels innovation, and that transparency is critical for research.

Robert Englmeier, PhDStructural Biologist, Co-Founder

8y+ of applied cryoEM experience working at multiple research institutes

Ilya GubinsComputer Scientist, Co-Founder

10y+ experience in software development, including image analysis and machine learning

Boy PersoonFull Stack Software Developer, Co-Founder

7y+ of industry experience working with Startups, NGOs and EU projects


We are open to collaborations with biotech companies, and can arrange access to a network of cryoEM facilities and research partners.

Please get in touch with us if you want to discuss how to leverage cryoEM for your research.

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